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Never ever buy a used phone from anywhere or anyone until you take these simple steps.

1) Always check for damage. Make sure the iPad, iPhone or iPod does not have a cracked screen or broken glass. If you are buying an Android phone and if possible remove the back of the case and then the battery and you will see a little white sticker. NOTE DO NOT TRY THIS WITH IPHONES, IPADS OR IPADS as the batteries need to be removed only by professionals. If the sticker is pink then the phone has water damage. You should plug in the charger and watch the battery meter go up 1 or 2 point to make sure it does not need a battery replacement.

2) Always get the IMEI Number from the settings of the iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Call the carrier it was last active on and tell them you are buying a used phone and would like to verify it's not reported, lost, stolen or is black listed. If the phone is carrier locked the phone can always be unlocked but that will be an extra expense you will have to consider when making your final offer to the seller.

3) Shut the device off and then back on again if it asks you to enter a password ask the seller what it is, write it down then enter it yourself. If for any reason they don't have or know the password walk away and don't buy it. If you are able to enter it correctly then move on to the next step.

4) Now that you verified step #1 and step #2 make sure you have a good WiFi connection and do a Master Reset on the iPhone, iPad or iPod through the setting. It will take about 10 minutes.

5) Follow the simple prompts on the phone and set it up as a new phone. If it prompts you to enter your iCloud or Activation info (email address and password) have the original owner enter the info and then you finish programming it. If for ANY reason they cannot or do not enter the correct info and you aren't able to finish the device set up as a new device DON"T BUY IT.

6) If you got to this point and were able to successfully perform all of the above then you are almost as safe as you can be. However at anytime a Carrier can add this unit to the Black list, the true owner can iCloud block, lock up the device, or it can be reported lost or stolen.

7) Take a few last smart simple steps just in case to protect yourself. Get a receipt, get the sellers Id info, Write down their license plate number, record and save their phone number and get as much info as possible that can identify the seller.

8) You have now done everything possible to be safe. The unfortunate part is you can still be ripped off and stuck with a stolen or blocked phone. So, to be as safe as possible, don't buy a used device unless you do so from a reputable dealer Be Wireless. We are a leading Houston iPhone repair service with more than 30 years in business.

9) Remember to bring your bad batteries, cracked screens, and damaged LCDs into us for fast iPhone, iPod, or iPad glass replacement in Houston.  You need to deduct any repairs from the value of the phone, iPad, or iPod. Average iPhone Repairs take an hour or less, iPad repairs normally take a few hours, and iPod repairs take three to four hours. It’s always best to make an appointment to save yourself waiting time, but it is not necessary.

Contact us when you need a quick iPhone repair in Houston. We stand ready to help you.

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