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iPhone XS Screen Replacement & Repair in Houston, TX

No phone is infallible when it comes to breaking. Drops, falls, and spills are a part of everyday life. This is why it is important to know a reputable provider of phone repairs, especially when your investment is a phone like the iPhone XS. Whether you require a screen repair or a replacement battery, come to us at Be Wireless Houston for the tools, parts, and experience to properly see the job done in a quick manner that is free of hassle for you.

iPhone XS Repair Services

While the iPhone XS is an impressive device, it is not immune to damage. Cracks and other types of disrepair can occur in a heartbeat's time. If you find yourself squinting through shattered glass to read texts and emails, come to us for iPhone XS repair services. Repairing screens is not our only specialty. We can also run water damage diagnostics and install other replacement parts. Just ask our skilled technicians about your repair needs and you will find courtesy and competence to see your repair completed.

Before Bringing Your iPhone In

Sometimes there are a few things you can do with your phone before bringing it to our technicians. If you can, you may wish to back up all of your data on a computer or another phone. Any photos or videos that you do not wish to lose, as well as contacts and documents that have been saved to the phone, can be held on another device just in case. You can also back things up on iCloud.

Screen Repair for the iPhone XS

While other repairs may be necessary, among the most common reasons for an iPhone XS to be brought in for repair is a crack in the screen or entirely shattered glass. The phone may have fallen out of a pocket or purse, something may have fallen onto it, or you may have just dropped it on a hard surface. Cracks may also occur after the phone has been exposed to extremely cold temperatures. With our prompt services, the wait for a repaired iPhone XS is not long, fortunately. High-quality aftermarket parts or actual Apple parts may both be given as options. The most important aspect is returning your phone to you, whole and repaired, in a swift manner. We understand how much of your life may rely on your phone as well as the levels of stress that may be felt when your phone is out of your reach.

Battery Replacements

Another common fix is the need for a new battery, and we can handle this task even more swiftly and readily than a screen repair. If you need a new battery replacement, we are at your service with just the right battery for the job. A diagnostic assessment may be performed by our technician to ensure that the battery is indeed the source of your problems.

Water Damage Repair for the iPhone XS

The iPhone XS boasts a water resistance rating that is IP68; this means that it is fit enough to stand against dirt, dust, and sand, while being water-resistant to submersion of up to a meter and a half underwater for a maximum of thirty minutes. However, it is not waterproof. If your phone has been submerged in water deeper than two meters for longer than a half-hour, water damage may occur. If so, you need not worry. Bring it in to us for expert repair.

Quick and Easy Repairs

Whether your iPhone XS problems are due to needing a glass replacement or an accidental dunk in the toilet or other water damage, our technicians provide repairs that are quick and easy on you. For water damage, our technicians can open up the iPhone XS, ensure that the parts are thoroughly dried, and then replace any parts that have received permanent damage. Afterward, we test the phone for you to make sure it will once again smoothly store the various aspects of your life as well as providing you with contact capabilities with the world.

Come to Be Wireless Houston for your diagnostic and repair needs. We will quickly and professionally serve you to ensure you are quickly on your way again with a working iPhone XS. We proudly serve the Houston area with expert phone repairs.