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iPhone 12 Screen Replacement & Repair in Houston, TX

Getting Your iPhone 12 Screen Replaced

The iPhone 12 series is an excellent new product that will meet your mobile phone needs. However, you can't predict any accidental damage to your iPhone's screen, and you likely won't be able to return it at the original store. What’s more, Apple charges upwards of $250 for iPhone 12 screen replacement! Luckily, Be Wireless can perform the necessary repairs at a much lower price than Apple would charge.

Advanced iPhone Screen Repair Technology that Saves You Money!

The iPhone 12 has an OLED display, so some phone repair shops may not have the equipment or capabilities to properly fix your phone. If you need help with iPhone screen replacement and repair, Be Wireless can return your phone to like-new condition for much less.

We use a new laser machine that removes the glass only, as long as the LCD underneath it is still intact. Replacing only the glass saves you about 50% of the initial price and lets you keep your original LCD -- which would be much more expensive to replace.

What Do I Need to Do Before Getting iPhone 12 Screen Repair?

You may be wondering if there are any preparations you need to make before an iPhone repair, especially if you haven't done it before. For example, some repair shops may require you to clean off your iPhone before you bring it in.

Luckily, our business keeps it simple when it comes to iPhone repair. We just need you to fully charge your phone before you bring it in so we can make sure that it works properly after we fix the screen. We recommend charging your phone up the night before you bring it in to us so it's fully charged.

You paid a lot for your iPhone 12, and we want to help you get the most out of it. Our method of iPhone 12 screen repair and replacement saves you about 50% of the initial price. With our iPhone 12 screen repair method, you get to keep the original screen and lower the overall cost of your repair.

Contact us today to find out more about our iPhone repair services!